South Africa’s most powerful Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) initiative
Designed to boost the small business sector, alleviate unemployment and drive job creation within this all-important sector
Launch My Startup is South Africa’s leading Enterprise and Supplier Development Initiative (ESD) initiative that is brought to the nation by the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC), Africa’s largest non-profit small business organisation.
The aim is to sponsor 100s of high-potential startups every year through ESD Funding, helping them to become active, sustainable economic participants with a positive spin-off of creating employment for others.
The 100% sponsored Expo Package at The Business Show :: Africa (Enterprise and Supplier Development ESD) Pavillion is powered towards 'bigger picture thinking' and long-term growth, and includes components such as:
Access to markets
Boosting a customer base
Smashing sales expectations
Accelerating growth and boosting profits
Networking with fellow entrepreneurs
Building many long-lasting key relationships
How to and where to access funding
Securing mentorships, being inspired and learning from experts in the field
Meet some of the Launch My Startup SMEs
What our startups have to say