How it works
Leading brands will be invited to become 'National Sponsors' of the 'Launch my Startup' initiative and sponsor a startup or a number of startups for the 'Launch my Startup Accelerator Programme'.
This initiative maximizes a sponsors B-BBEE and transformation objectives, utilising available Enterprise and Supplier Development funding, ensuring compliance to the Revised Codes of Good Practice and full recognition of the available points on the B-BBEE scorecard.
For startups who are looking to succeed in business, this initiative is the stepping stone to success. This is not a 'quick fix' in the form of a capital injection. This is powered towards 'bigger picture thinking' and long-term growth, and include components such as accessing new markets, building a customer base, smashing sales expectations, increasing market share, how to and where to access funding, networking with fellow entrepreneurs and industry leaders, being inspired and learning from the experts in the field.